Pinerly is now… Reachli.

Posted on Monday, November 5th, 2012
Written by Jenny Scrivens

We're rebranding, and it's exciting!



When we first started in March, our mission was to become the easiest way to market visual content across the web. While we think we've satisfied the need to track images on Pinterest, we are expanding beyond that. To continue reaching our goal we set in March, we knew we needed to expand to much more than just an analytics tool for Pinterest.  




Reachli is the new Pinerly. The name stems from our mission to help brands reach their audience with image-based advertising, a method becoming more and more predominant today. Reachli goes beyond just Pinterest, so that we can also track images on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other popular visually centered networks. We've also put a lot more focus to our new Advertising / Publisher feature, to help you increase your reach across the web even further - more on this next.




It's incredible for you!

Our advertising functionality is designed for the two types of Reachli users: creative content creators (Publishers) and companies or brands promoting their products (Advertisers).


ADVERTISERS - Do you have visual content that you want seen by more people? Traditional ads are out; lifestyle ads are in. Using our proprietary technology, we'll help you promote images across the web using in-image advertising. Companies advertising with Reachli are seeing 80x higher click-through rates than traditional ads. This is our way of providing viewers with more engaging, more relevant, and more targeted lifestyle ads across the web. Example here!


PUBLISHERS - Our advertising platform is designed with ROI and natural human interactions in mind. We want to make visual ads more engaging, unobtrusive, and relevant for your users. Oh, and did we mention it's super easy to use? All you need to do is embed one line of code, and we have videos to show you how.



We take your feedback seriously. One common question that we've been receiving is from users asking if we will create a scheduling feature to help create campaigns. We've always listened to your concerns, and we're working hard to come out with a way to schedule all your images very soon.


How do you like the new name? We'd love to hear your thoughts on the new Reachli. Whether it's constructive criticism or stories of success, we’re all ears!


- Rick Kats, CEO and the Reachli (former Pinerly) Team!



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