Content is King, but even He gets Lonely.

Posted on Friday, September 14th, 2012
Written by Vlad Barshai


Sure, content is King but without an army of marketers, the king can get pretty darn lonely! The truth is that while incredible content is critical, it won’t go viral without an existing audience that will kick the ball off so more people can share and discover yours.


We analyzed posts and data to find:

(a) Many of you have incredible content

(b) Most of you that don’t have a HUGE following – even 1,000 followers – average less than 10 clicks on your posts

(c) Your posts through Pinerly are primarily original content that you’ve created


So the question was obvious… after you create great content and post it, what happens next?


Seriously, you’ve tweaked your images with effects, added text, perhaps a call-to-action, pinned unique, relevant content, and have linked your pins across all social media channels possible…what if you’re still not reaching enough people? How can you get your message heard by a wider audience?


It’s a tough question and right now... you can’t. We’re solving that.

Pinerly Viral Content Boost!


The screenshot above is our new way to help anyone super-charge their visual marketing for as little as $10! You'll be able to choose either daily or over the whole lifetime of the campaign. Of course, we’ll continue offering posting to your own social media channels for free.


The past month was spent working on intelligent algorithms to pair-match your content with the correct people that can help you spread it.


I’m extremely proud and happy to say that we’re almost ready. We’re excited.


Interested?  Click here  >  Click on "Advertiser (coming soon)"  > Click I'm Intrigued


Look forward to having you join us!



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